News Sharing in the age of Social Media

To me, social media isn’t just a tool or an outlet, but it is a part of how I live my day-to-day life. From the moment I wake up to the minute I fall asleep, everything I need from news to entertainment, is just one click away. As the Economist article stated, the switch in how people receive their news began in 1999, which is the exact year I was born. To speak on behalf of my generation, I think it’s hard to even remember when print publishing and daily newspapers were ever the norm.

Back in the days of Myspace and in the early days of Facebook, most users just shared funny pictures and videos of their pets or children on their pages. It was a great way to connect with friends and family that live far away, and an even better outlet to meet new people through the internet. Nowadays, social media has evolved into much more. Though chances are high that you may still scroll past some pet videos, social media is also a major source of how the public gets their information.

Personally, I think social media is a much better news gathering source than print publishing. Networks like Twitter allow users to comment their own personal opinions about world news and take action however they see fit. Events, news, and other happenings would not be able to “go viral” without these elevated platforms.

As for the future of public relation practitioners and journalists, I agree with the sentiments written in the Medium article, as we must adapt to the changes in the industry and build from there. Change is inevitable, especially in the PR world. Once its realized that we can be taking advantage of this headfirst dive into digital information sharing, I do not think that print will be missed, given all the opportunities that social media has to offer.

By Kassidy Kelly

PR student, new yorker, self-proclaimed shopaholic and apparently I'm a blogger now, too.
CJOR 3422 @ Seton Hall University

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