About Me!

My name is Kassidy Kelly and I am the blonde behind the blog!

I’m a junior public realtions student at Seton Hall University, and this site is going to act as a tool for the Spring 2020 class, Social Media in Journalism and PR (COJR 3422).

Here are a few fun details about me:

  • I major in PR because I am the textbook definition of a “people person” and love being a catalyst for effective communication, while also having a hand in the more creative side of business.
  • I work for the NYC branch of a company called The Atlanta First Agency, which is a fashion staffing agency that pairs sales models with high fashion brands to work wholesale trade shows across the country.
  • I also work part-time here on campus as a Blue Crew Tour Guide, showing perspective students and their families around Seton Hall.
  • I’m a self-proclaimed shopaholic!!!

The goal of this blog is to post my weekly social media assignments here, and to drive traffic to my blog through other outlets such as Twitter and Instagram.

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.”

– Marilyn Monroe

By Kassidy Kelly

PR student, new yorker, self-proclaimed shopaholic and apparently I'm a blogger now, too.
CJOR 3422 @ Seton Hall University

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